Winnie Kamuya is the CEO of International Renaissance Centre, Kenya. She is #1 International Best seller Author, founder of Women in Leadership (WIL) Conference in Africa and Personal Assistant of the year Award™ – Africa. She is an inspiring transformational speaker, Leadership coach and mentor.

She helps middle managers who have been bypassed during promotions get promoted. As a result of working with her, individuals who are middle managers increase visibility and avoid being bypassed during promotions. They get confident to unleash their leadership potential becoming better versions of themselves and thereby serve with excellence and increase efficiency in their organisations.

Her unique understanding of Executive Assistants and how they can partner with Executives is reinventing how the way Executive Assistants contribute to the efficient running of organisations.

She knows that her audience is desperate to find new ways to be Exceptional, Extra-ordinary and Excellent, while helping overstretched and overwhelmed executives. How Executive Assistants can make Executives look amazing, and how to make Executives’ job easier the founder of Personal Assistant of year Award – Africa and The Assistant Newsletter has the answers.

Winnie’s coaching will move the Executive Assistants out of their comfort zone. After watching thousands of Executive Assistants struggle she developed a framework for being Exceptional, Extra-ordinary, and Excellent (3E) that are radically unleashing the Executive Assistants’ potentials in ways never seen before.

What some Executive Assistants had to say:

“Your presentation was live, on-point and Educative.” Sepiso Lungu – Indeni Petroleum Refinery Company Ltd.

“Thank you for your very informative and mind provoking presentations.” Jacqui Buleya

“Your presentation made me realise my potential in an organisation. It also made me realise that it’s the little things we tend to ignore and take advantage of like time keeping, meeting deadlines that make us who we are”. Elina Botha, National Prosecution Authority.

“Winnie, you have been an inspiration in my life and I would like you to be my co-author. In my work, I will use some of your quotes and whatever I benefited from IRC as a Member and woman leader.” Mercy Kaunda