It all started with an expectation – (worried about the future of the Personal Assistant) – raised during the Personal Assistants symposium held at Silvers Springs Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya between 29th May and 1st June 2006 organised by African Renaissance Centre, Swaziland. What if the Personal Assistants would have an opportunity to join hands, share and embrace ever-changing roles in their profession? As the story of “Who Moved my cheese’ a story originally told by Dr. Spencer Johnson illustrates Personal Assistants must embrace change. Following the symposium, African Renaissance Centre a Management Development Organisation based in Mbabane, Kingdom of Swaziland established an Personal Assistants Network to reach to Secretaries, Personal Assistants/Secretaries.


For Personal Assistants on the fast track, the key to success is to stay on top of change and meet the challenges it presents. Participation in the network is very important to today’s ever-changing role of Executive/Personal Assistants who wish to keep abreast of their profession. For students as you begin your career as an Personal Assistant it is very important to keep abreast of your profession.


Any Secretary, Personal Secretaries/Assistants, Executive Assistants, Management Assistants, Administrators and Office Professionals, students, and retired Personal Assistant are eligible for Membership in the network.


  • The PAN links with the Executive Assistants Network (EAN) Africa wide.
  • The online communication and newsletter affords each member a chance to keep current on professional issues
  • Members can contribute on articles for the newsletter
  • Each member has a chance to contribute to crafting the future of Personal Assistants
  • Participation in programs such as seminars, workshops that give you an opportunity to increase professional knowledge.
  • The annual meetings are a place to meet with your peers and develop relationships that otherwise are difficult to cultivate

Individual Members Benefits 

Our sales effectiveness training provides a versatile approach with each part, Define, Develop, Drive, being implemented separately or together for a complete solution. Given the breadth of our curriculum and tools, we can help you with one piece at a time, based on your biggest opportunity for sales lift and what needs attention first?

  • An opportunity to network with other Personal Assistants within the African Continent and beyond
    • Enhance your marketability
    • Job Search
    • Become better informed on your role as Personal Assistant
    • Learn about the issues you’ll face on the job…before you encounter them
    • Link with other Personal Assistants
    • Update on upcoming seminars and training programmes
    • Preferred pricing (at least 5% discounts) on all IRC seminars, conferences and special events
    • Online newsletter dedicated to the issues and concerns of today’s Personal Assistants
    • A Membership Card

Membership Fee

US$75 inclusive per year. For more information, please contact us today, to register and make payments online