Honoring True Impact and Commitment

In a digital landscape where automation is changing the way business is done across countless industries, it can be easy to think that digitization and automation are the present and future of business. But where does that leave today’s Personal & Executive Assistants?

While these technological advancements certainly open up a whole new realm of possibilities and solutions, they will never be able to replace the human touch.

Born out of a desire to equip and empower the next generation of impact assistants, PAYA Africa is an award reserved for those who set the bar for what personal assistants can accomplish. This is an award of excellence, but it is also meant to be an award that inspires others to reach higher and grow their own impact as they strive to join this exclusive club.

PAYA is an annual event tied to our Executive/Personal Assistant Symposium and recognizes standout leaders and world-changers who are revolutionizing the assistant position with their hard work, dedication, commitment to growth, and forward-thinking ideas. Candidates are selected from members of the Executive Assistant Network (EAN) and are measured against criteria including exemplary service and support, initiative, leadership, resourcefulness, and profound difference making, among other qualities and traits.

This is our way of showing the world that high-powered personal and executive assistants fill a role that no person, computer, or program can replace. These are the difference makers who bring the human touch and personal skills to the business landscape and provide the support that every successful organization relies on.

So here’s to all the hardworking professional assistants who go above and beyond the scope of their duties. Here’s to the ones who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make others shine. Here’s to the backbone of every successful business. PAYA is an award dedicated to those who want to make an impact

To say an Executive Assistant has been redundant because of the availability of Information and Communication Technology is tantamount to saying a computer can now effectively manage the office, articulate on office procedure and carry out administrative work in the office. Can a computer welcome guests and give them the relevant information on behalf of executive offices. Of course, the answer is no. Yes, messages can be left on the voice mail but an Executive Assistant actually goes a step further by giving the caller the exact information that is needed and advise on the course of action that clients should take in order to get the services that they want.” Excerpt The Assistant Newsletter issue no 2.


Provide extraordinary support and continually think of ways to streamline processes and improve performance
Exhibit exceptional leadership, resourcefulness, innovation, creativity.
Assume responsibilities far beyond daily work
Provide quality control for administrative processes and show great diligence.
Conduct themselves in a professional manner all the times.