PAYA Swag Box


This year long PAYA SWAG Box includes:

  • PAYA T-shirt
  • PAYA Note book and Journal
  • PAYA Branded Pens
  • PAYA Coffee Mug
  • PAYA Branded Pen
  • Welcome Card and Sleeve Wrap

Discover a clear inspiring journey at PAYA Awards.

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A great way to engage colleagues who will attend PAYA Awards or those who cannot attend our physical event, the PAYA gift box bring the best bits of our PAYA conference to their homes!

Direct Mail Corporate Delegate Boxes

Each of the boxes will be delivered with PAYA Awards branded box securely packaged with a selection of branded gifts.

PAYA T-shirt
We printed inspiring t-shirts with the ‘PAYA Award Theme’.

Metal Ball Pen
We printed these robust metal pens with the ‘PAYA Award Theme’.

Premium PAYA Journal and Notebook
Digitally printed and laminated to the cover due to the complexity of the logo, the corporate notebook was printed the ‘PAYA Awards’ branding on each page.

Welcome Card & Sleeve Wrap
Sealed by a branded sleeve wrapped around the box, we also included a welcome card introducing the physical and virtual event to recipients with a message to bring everything together.

PAYA Branded Coffee Mug
We printed these inspiring coffee mug with the ‘PAYA Award Theme’.

PAYA Pressure Ball
We printed these inspiring pressure ball with the ‘PAYA Award Theme’.


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